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Rich goes by the artist name Rhythm Tek. His D ‘n’ B Style varies from Atmospheric to Minimal beats and Jungle Just depending on his mood. Rhythm Tek’s production comes from his inner emotion, and feels that this makes a better sound and listen. Rhythm Tek has a number of tracks released with Odyssey Recordings and many to come… He is also a key member of Odyssey Recordings, together managing the No.1 ITunes podcast – Liquidsoundzuk.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for the future sounds of Rhythm Tek.

The best of the best from the AXO Collective


Leaders of the Dutmospheric and Future Artcore drum 'n' bass sound hailing from the West Midlands, UK.



Kesa is fully formed and in full command of his craft as a Music Producer/Composer/Musician. His Music is captivating and soulful introducing the arrival of a gifted and significant talent, one whose Music feels familiar in the best possible way, while striking out on its own territory.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of diverse musical influences. Growing up in a multicultural society meant that Kesa was always surrounded by different forms of music

Which exposed him to a wealth of different sounds as a child, all of which influence his soul-tinged sound which resonates with all whom listen to his Music. An advocate and senior member within Odyssey Recordings we are proud to have more releases from him.


Please check out his EDM production. His solo music is described as bass driven with rolling drum tracks and heavy electronic sounds characterized by synthesizers with elastic sounding drops and frequency modulated basslines.

" Music is my melody of life " Kesa.


Priyesh JK Patel better known as Junglekid is a Manchester based producer. His musical style is experimental and futuristic; a very broadminded outlook ensures his music is always at that cutting edge. Through years of sampling, record shopping and raving he created his style with a fresh perspective.


At present Junglekids Album “RESET” is available to download from all good digital online stores.


Paul also known as Brederz (its pronounced "Breederz") His aspiration is to use a variety of styles and sounds to make a new but familiar flavour. Brederz is new member within the Odyssey Camp, one to look out for in the future.


Beginning in the new millennium, the year 2000, Sanz began DJing and producing. He has also been involved in countless underground radio stations. Taking inspiration from the likes of Depeche mode, 808 state and The Prodigy and then hitting his teens his music taste naturally progressed into early underground rave tape packs like Hysteria, Pure X and dreamscape. His passion for Drum and Bass just grew from there and later collaborated with Sid Nar taking part in being a promoter as well as a DJ. In the late part off 2008 came the time and Sanz started to produce Drum and Bass and has never stopped since. Keep an eye out for forthcoming releases on Odyssey Recordings.

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