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I am Dj Slamdunk AKA DutMaster General. One half of Odyssey Recordings  From Birmingham UK. 


The name Slamdunk came from my surname Dunkley and the fact I was a good basketball player at school.

I play most underground music. RnB, HipHop, Ragga and Bashment, Garage, DnB, Grime/Bass music.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s I was brought up on good quality music. Soul, Reggae, Ragga, Lovers Rock, Motown, RnB, HipHop and Jungle was the first dance music that got my attention. 


Started out coming from a soundman music background when I was 12, my nephews 10th birthday party. Onyx Sound (my family) provided the party turned to adults when they went to bed we woke up and had a blast on the Technics.


Didn't take it seriously again until 1997-8......with the emergence of the U.K. Garage scene. So even though my first music and roots is RnB/HipHop etc I started djing UK Garage. 


It was the events like Stuush, SunCity and Garage Nation that got me into the good Garage vibe and scene. Started buying vinyl....stacking them up......Linked up with Andy Ward, Steven S who introduced me to Sidewinder......Played various venues around the country like Q Club and lots of other Birmingham venues, Stratford Rex, Various clubs in Northampton with my Sidewinder friends, Milton Keynes, Huddersfield and many more. Fell out of love with Garage music around 2004 when it lost its identity and I went back to djing RnB and HipHop which I could never fall out of love with.


My radio journey started on Passion Fm (Hot92) and progressed though South Birmingham Community Radio, Distinct Fm, Urban UK, Silk City and more to my current Radio Home which is Birmingham Sounds Radio and my record label station Odyssey Music Box. 


In 2010 I turned my attention to the deeper side of DnB/Jungle/Liquid recommend by some good friends of mine. Towards the end of my South Birmingham Community time I was playing a half and half show. Half RnB and HipHop and the other half my new found DnB.


When I switched to Distinct FM that was the start of the Dj Slamdunk DUTMOSPHERIC movement which has been my path ever since.


While I was a DJ on Distinct FM playing at an event called Bring Back Jungle I was approached by my now record label partner Sid Nar about joining a collective of DJ's and Producers called Odyssey. 

Since that day it's gone from being part of a collective as a DJ to part running the label from events to releases merchandise and some forthcoming production of my own. 


Right now I'm co-owner of Record Label Odyssey Recordings which releases upfront cutting edge liquid deep dark Drum and Bass that we call DUTMOSPHERIC. Lots of releases currently out on Juno, Beatport, ITunes and all other good download stores.


We have producers releasing tracks on Odyssey Recordings such as Pariah, Tidal, Rhythm Tek........too many to mention. We also do events all over the country sometimes using our alias AXO. This is a collaboration with our good record label friends Advection Music. All AXO events have been very successful with the height being our 2014 event This Is Me album launch AXO London. Along with the music and events, we do merchandise t-shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, cd cases etc which can all be purchased from our website and online stores where you can also get event tickets and event specific merchandise.


If you want to hear more of me you can catch me 





Also you can take a listen to forthcoming and released tracks from Odyssey Recordings on our Soundcloud and catch up with various genres of musical mixes by myself on the Soundcloud and Mixcloud links for Slamdunk


For bookings for events or promo tracks email 


Or contact me on the various social media sites


Facebook - Dj Slamdunk

Twitter - @DJ_SLAMDUNK




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